"Anyone can kill the devil; that’s why they always make teens the vampire slayers, the magical girls. But some kids can’t even get that right; and that’s why meangirl Neptune, tomboy Jupiter, and shy shy Venus have to endure one more week of summer camp and each other, singing boring songs about jesus, doing busywork for adults, and hoping god’s radio can’t hear them."

We Know the Devil is a visual novel starring three teenagers at a christian summer camp known as the "Summer Scouts". A week before camp ends, they have to spend a night alone in a cabin and wait for the devil to arrive. The game was released on September 12, 2015 on Date Nighto and February 16, 2016 on steam.[1] The game was co-created by Aevee Bee and Mia Schwartz, a sub-team within PillowFight, who call themselves Worst Girls.[2]

Gameplay Edit

The user is put through seven decisions, and each time must select two teens to go together, and one to stay alone. The player has the option to keep all three teens in harmony, or tip the balance in favor of a preferred pairing. Depending on the decisions that the player makes, a different ending will be present.

Detailed Plot Summary Edit

The visual novel starts with a brief introduction to the Group West --friends Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune-- who are attending and are worried about being late for a bonfire while at a camp called the Summer Scouts. Shortly after, they arrive late to the bonfire, disappointing the Bonfire Captain, a lead councilor at the camp. Now that all of the campers have arrived, the Bonfire Captain begins to tell a story of his youth

When the Captain was young, he had two best friends. He says that if their parents ever asked if they wanted to have one over, he would ask for both, in an attempt to convince himself that he liked them equally. He then says that he thought one was more annoying than the other, and stopped being friends with him, ending with the line, "some friendships you can keep up with, and others it's up to God to decide."

Group West gets in trouble for being disrespectful and disruptive, and are sent to fix the sirens in the woods and to spend a night in The Cabin. While they are fixing the sirens, they are harassed by Group South, which is when the player's first choice is presented. This choice requires Venus, and decides who confronts Group South. When pursuing the yellow ending, this choice does not matter. Group South will leave, and Group West will head to The Cabin.

When they arrive, they discover that the lock has been broken and hastily put back together. The second choice is presented, which requires Jupiter. When pursuing the red ending, this choice does not matter.

Group West goes inside, and The Cabin is described as cramped, small, and dark. They talk about being nervous before playing truth or dare. This choice requires Neptune, and therefore, when pursuing the Blue path, does not matter.

Endings Edit

There are four endings, which are officially called Yellow, Red, Blue, and True.

Yellow Ending Edit

The yellow ending is achieved by pairing up Jupiter and Neptune more frequently than any pairing involving Venus.

In this ending, Neptune and Jupiter can tell that Venus is the devil. They attempt to run away from camp with her in order to help her escape her fate. However, Venus still becomes the devil regardless. Her form is white, and covered in feathers and eyes. Jupiter and Neptune use their radios and defeat Venus's devil using their powers of ocean and the storm.

Red Ending Edit

The red ending is achieved by pairing up Venus and Neptune more frequently than any pairing involving Jupiter.

In the red ending, Group West stays in the cabin, while Jupiter attempts to play the fact that she has become the devil off. Her friends attempt to comfort her, and she tells them to stop. She begins to explain how her life has been spent desiring contact, and transforms into a devil with a large amount of hands. Neptune and Venus reach for their radios and defeat Jupiter using their powers of light and the ocean.

Blue Ending Edit

The blue ending is achieved by pairing up Venus and Jupiter more frequently than any pairing involving Neptune.

In this ending, Neptune becomes sick and ichor begins to drip down her body. She attacks Venus, while Jupiter attempts to fend her away. Ultimately, Venus and Jupiter are able to fend Neptune off, and she transforms into a darkly colored version of herself that drips dark liquid and feels like sin. She is defeated by Venus and Jupiter using their powers light and the storm.

True Ending Edit

The True ending can only be achieved when a player chooses all three pairings equally. All three girls become the devil willingly, and their transformations are thus more peaceful. Though there's very little noticeable change before the seventh decision, once the girls tune in to God's station, The Devil will be on instead. The Devil persuades Group West to join them, saying that there was room for all three of them in their world, as opposed to in God's world.

Venus immediately accepts the Devil's proposition, and begins to shed her mortal form. Following her is Neptune, who proudly declares her love for Satan. Jupiter is initially reluctant to join in, and tries to persuade her friends to do otherwise. However, Venus and Neptune are able to coax her into joining them.

After becoming the Devil, Group West finally feels free, and they begin their process to free the rest of the Summer Scouts, and then the world, proclaiming themselves the "three worst girls since Eve."

We Know the Devil - Trailer01:16

We Know the Devil - Trailer

A We Know the Devil trailer released for the Steam Greenlight campaign.

Post release Edit

We Know the Devil was initially published to DateNighto, however, due to its success the creators pushed for a Steam Greenlight release. To aid with the release, the We Know the Devil team released an official trailer for the game. The Greenlight campaign was a success, and the game was released shortly after the Greenlight period ended. On steam, the games user-generated reviews are "Very Positive."

After around a year since the game released, creators Aevee Bee and Mia Schwartz worked to create more We Know the Devil content, this time in the form of a short, ten-minute free demo on PillowFight's official website. The demo follows Venus, Jupiter and Neptune shortly before the events of We Know the Devil.

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