"None of the councilors like to talk as much as he does. He must need to feel like he needs to give the sermons since he's in charge, but we know the councilors wish they were somewhere else as much as we do."

The Bonfire Captain is a minor character in We Know the Devil. He leads the sermons and instructs the teenagers in the Summer Scouts. He has a fondness for Jupiter and Venus, but is not well liked by them or Neptune.

Personality Edit

The bonfire captain is a religious Christian, and a lead instructor at the summer scouts. He pretends to be passionate about his job, despite wishing he was elsewhere. He dislikes swearing, and students who attempt to kiss up to him in an attempt to get him to like them. He has very specific attitudes towards who god likes. He believes that attempting to save somebody or be extra kind to them won't do much for them, and that all people are born either good or bad and that attempting to become a better person won't do much in terms of salvation.

Background Edit

When the bonfire captain was growing up, he had two very close friends. He always insisted on bringing both of them with him wherever he went, however he secretly preferred one better. He thought his other friend was annoying and complained too much. Later in his life, the friend he did not like wound up getting into deep trouble, causing him to adopt the attitude that people can only do so much for each other, and that they have to leave the rest up to god.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bonfire Captain is the only adult character given a sprite in the game.
    • He is also the only male character who has a sprite in which he appears alone.