The Summer Scouts is an organization for misbehaved or otherwise "bad" children to work and attempt to become closer with God. It is a branch of the larger Scouts, however participants can't use transformation sequences, and aren't as encouraged to help each other.

Organization Edit

The camp is broken into eight groups of three teenagers in addition to the councilors. Each group is named after a direction of the compass, such as South, Northeast, and West. Groups will normally perform activities together, such as fixing up sirens and radios, or spending time in the cabin.

Each night all of the groups will meet by the campfire to hear a sermon from the Bonfire Captain, and afterwards will finish with evening activities.

Cabin Edit

On the Summer Scouts' grounds, there are several poorly built cabins. One of these in particular is used as a location to send groups as punishment. Here, they must spend the night in the cabin and attempt to fight off the devil in order to avoid possession. Campers are to make evening patrols, or to patrol if the sirens sound, and to fight off devil possession using radios.

Background Edit

In the "Alien Phenomena and the Pilot Program" email in Heaven Will Be Mine, it is revealed that the Summer Scouts were established in order to address the Existential Threat in the post-war era. For a time, the program was expanded internationally. but has been deemed no longer necessary after the elimination of the Existential Threat.

Notable members Edit