Saturn is one of the three main characters in upcoming visual novel Heaven Will Be Mine from the Pillow Fight team Worst Girls.[1]

Personality Edit

Saturn is "kind of a brat" and very impulsive. She's ADHD-coded, and tends to solve problems for herself in unconventional ways.[1]

Background Edit

Saturn was the reserve pilot for the Interloper String of Pearls, an "existentially horrifying weapon" produced by Celestial Mechanics. After stealing the weapon for herself, Celestial Mechanics' plans are at the mercy of Saturn's whims and her poor attention span.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Worst Girls cite characters like Rei Ayanami and Lalah Sune as inspiration, but also want to cross these characters with more bratty Gundam-inspired pilots who don't want to do things according to the plans.[1]

References Edit

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