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Pillow Fight owns the rights to We Know the Devil, and is the publisher of its demo, as well as the upcoming Heaven Will Be Mine.

History Edit

Pillow Fight was founded by Conrad Kreyling as a way to move away from Date Nighto and begin working on more technically challenging projects than those published by Date Nighto and move away from creating Japanese-style visual novels as translations of these Japanese games had become more common since Date Nighto's founding in 2013.[1]

Pillow Fight was conceived and found shortly after We Know the Devil was released, and Kreyling and Jo Fu wanted to work to publish other games from people in marginalized communities, and have them be as accessible to as many people as possible.[2]

Pillow Fight Games Edit

We Know the Devil Edit

Published: September 2015
Official web page: We Know the Devil

The game that originally launched Pillow Fight, published in September of 2015. We Know the Devil is short horror visual novel following three teens in a Summer Camp, published in September of 2015. The story follows Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune as they spend a night in a cabin dealing with their feelings and trying to avoid the devil's grasp. For more, see We Know the Devil.

Rose of Winter Edit

Published: September 2016
Official web page: Rose of Winter

Rose of Winter features a knight-in-training Rosemary on her quest to find work. She must escort four princes through the mountain pass, brave beasts and harsh terrain, no to mention dealing with your companions.

Miami Ghosts Edit

Publishing: Later in 2017
Official web page: Pillow Fight's Ghosts of Miami

Taking place in Miami in 1986, Miami Ghosts follows Chelo Martínez, an unofficially liscenced PI, as she helps solve mysteries for others in her community.

Heaven Will Be Mine Edit

Publishing: Later in 2017
Official web page: Will Be Mine

"Joyride a mecha. Sext your enemies. Fight the pull of gravity."

For more information, see Heaven Will Be Mine.

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