"Neptune is very kind or possibly super mean and hates us. But that's okay. She's really funny. Neptune looks in no way like she's supposed to be here. But that's why she's here, of course."

Neptune is one of the three main characters in We Know the Devil. She is described as a "typical mean girl".[1]. She is a member of Group West, along with Venus and Jupiter.

Personality Edit

Neptune is bossy and fashionable, and doesn't care what others might think of her or how her own actions might affect others. Neptune typically behaves as she would like to, with little regard for others' approval. While she can be nice to those she cares about, her tone comes off as rather abrasive and sarcastic most of the time.

Neptune does genuinely care for Jupiter and Venus; however, her ways of showing it are somewhat unconventional. Rather than outright declaring it, she demonstrates her feelings towards her friends in more typically aggressive speech and actions, such as threatening to hit Jupiter if she doesn't stop blaming herself.

Trivia Edit

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