Luna-Terra is one of the three playable protagonists in upcoming Worst Girls game, Heaven Will Be Mine. She's an ace pilot and a Veteran of one of the early space wars. Due to her fighting style and her unreliability when texting back, she has the nickname "the ghost."

Personality Edit

Luna-Terra is cold and feared by many due to her reputation for her actions in the war. This cold reputation results in many people being afraid of her, or receiving sloppy hook ups from other pilots who "don't know how to love themselves".[1]

Background Edit

Luna-Terra is a veteran pilot from an early space war nicknamed "the war that was never fought." During this, she was fought for Cradle's Grace but betrayed them to return to the original company they had split from, Memorial Foundation. As a result, she's widely distrusted from other people on her side and has a "terrible reputation.[1]

References Edit

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