"Group South doesn't really look the same, but we can't remember their names or tell the difference between them. Which is super mean of us. No wonder they hate our guts… Group south does everything perfectly and is the fucking worst. The best kids in a camp for bad kids are absolutely certain to be the fucking worst."

Group South is the first Group other than West to be mentioned, and they only group other than West to be introduced. All three group members are unnamed, but consist of a person with short, dark hair that covers their eyes, a second person will somewhat dark hair wearing a snapback, and a third person with a blonde ponytail. They are the only campers shown besides Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. Since Group West cannot tell the difference between the three, they are unnamed as individuals and are treated like a single entity.

Group South are they only campers besides Group West who are involved in the plot, though they are not the only group mentioned. They are involved in the events around 7PM, when they begin harassing Group West (particularly Venus) while fixing sirens.

While they pick on all of Group West, they especially enjoy messing with Venus. They personally attack Venus around 7PM on the day Group West meets the devil, and Venus mentions that they forced her to repair a radio in a way that would cause it to be less effective because they refused to listen to her.

They get along somewhat well with Jupiter, but they don't like her and she doesn't really like them. When they insult her, she tends to just let it roll off her which has resulted in being left alone for the most part.

Trivia Edit

  • According to We Know the Demo, Group South are all in an actual band together.